European Medicines Agency - Regulatory - Regulation of medicines

The Parallel Distribution (PD) register provides up-to-date information on parallel distribution notices checked by the European Medicines Agency to be in compliance with the conditions laid down in the EU legislation on medicinal products and in the marketing authorisation.

The register was created in consultation with PD stakeholders with the following objectives:
  1. to promote transparency about PD notices
  2. to facilitate the identification of PD notices held by the Agency
  3. to increase information available to national competent authorities, marketing authorisation holders, parallel distributors and wholesalers
  4. to facilitate the effective supervision of parallel trade
  5. to assist wholesalers and parallel distributors in the verification of the legitimacy of the supply chain

The PD register will be updated monthly by the Agency.

If a certain notice does not appear in the register, it means either that no parallel distribution notice was issued at all or that subsequently to the issuance of a notice, the parallel distributor ceased to be compliant and EMA issued a letter of non-compliance.